How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Furniture

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 16 August 2018 





When it comes to office furniture, maintaining an atmosphere that inspires productivity and efficiency is a top goal for many companies.

However, beyond just productivity and efficiency, comfort is also factored as an important requirement - especially since most individuals spend approximately 8 hours in the workplace. In this regard, ergonomic furniture play an important role.

Thus, in order for a space to prove fit for comfortable, satisfied, and efficient employees, selection of furniture needs to be given careful thought and consideration. Our blog this week takes a look at how companies can choose the best ergonomic office furniture for a productive and happy workspace. Keep reading to find out!

Prevention is better than cure

In most cases, investment in ergonomic office furniture takes place once an employee (or two) raises complaints regarding various aches and pains. Common woes include pain anywhere in the neck, shoulders, back or wrists. These are often tell-tale signs pointing towards the need for better office furniture.

While these may not seem like particularly serious problems, these often leave employees with chronic pain that’s hard to shake off. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing these products, balancing the twin interests of comfort and efficiency must be a top priority at the outset. This way, it’s easier to prevent employees from falling sick or experiencing discomfort in the workplace in the long run.


Look into lumbar support

When it comes to choosing ergonomic office furniture, one of the most important factors has to do with lumbar support. This is crucial because low-quality office chairs are known to cause discomfort, pain, and terrible posture.

When it comes to purchasing ergonomic office chairs, therefore, good back support is a factor that must be seriously considered.

In this regard, high-quality office chairs are those that have fantastic lumbar support for the lower back, quality head, and neck support, as well as leg support for the knees. Here, seat pan size, the height of the chair, and seat pan depth are just some of the features that need to be looked into when making a final decision.


Test ergonomic office furniture before purchase

Similar to other products, it is crucial that office furniture is tried and tested prior to purchase.

As far as possible, try and physically test the product to ensure that it meets any and all requirements. When shopping online, in particular, make sure a reliable seller is chosen. Beyond just checking the features and pricing of the office furniture advertised, check customer testimonials pertaining to overall customer experience as well as specific reviews of the products being considered.

Many online sellers offer lucrative pricing as well as exceptionally comfortable and stylish furniture. If they are reputable, reliable, and offer quality service, there’s no harm in buying office furniture online.


Stay away from bargain deals

While it may be tempting to purchase cheap furniture instead of slightly more expensive ergonomic options, doing so always proves to be a short-sighted decision.

Cheap office furniture is often manufactured with low-quality material and tends to fall apart quickly and easily. So, for companies not too concerned about wasting money on short-term products and are careless about employee well-being and satisfaction, bargains tend to be a lucrative option.

In this regard, stay away from materials like plywood and low-quality plastic and always opt for reputed brands and suppliers. While it may cost a little more at the outset, these turn out to be long-lasting pieces of furniture that ensure both efficiency and comfort from the word ‘go’.

Key takeaways

When it comes to choosing ergonomic office furniture, no expense must be spared. Saying that, however, there are many retailers nowadays that provide affordable products for companies looking to ensure the utmost comfort and efficiency in the workplace. By following the tips set out above, choosing ergonomic office chairs, desks, computer stands and more, is no more difficult than regular shopping.

Employees are the life force of an organization. By providing them with the right kind of support, especially in terms of a well-designed physical workspace, it won’t be too long before the returns start pouring in.


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