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Australia is one of the hottest places in the world to live, and

if you do not have a properly working air conditioner, it can be unbearable to sit in your flat or home during the day. The problem is that air conditioners are very expensive, and many consumers do not have the funds they need to buy one that can be counted on to work on a regular basis.

Thanks to Exclusive Trading Group, though, you now have the option to find low-priced air conditioners for sale that will last you for many years to come.


Order a cheap air conditioner from Australian supplier

Our company is full of consumer products that are available on discount, which is why we are one of the fastest growing online retailers in the country. Here are some reasons why so many Australians are coming to us for goods like air conditioners:


  • Free shipping

We ship air conditioners to most parts of Australia free of charge.

  • Warranties

All of our goods are protected by warranties. If something breaks, we will have it repaired or replaced.

  • Affordable, quality goods

Our low priced air conditioners for sale are the most affordable on the market, and we do not sacrifice quality to get you low prices.

Buy an air conditioner online and live comfortable

If you are tired of being without an air conditioner, or if you no longer want to spend countless hours fixing your old one, you can order new unit at an affordable price from Exclusive Trading Group. If you want to order one of the air conditioners from our inventory, look through our catalog, choose an option you like and add it to your cart. We have flexible payment options. You can pay for your order using the following methods: PayPal, American Express, Master Card, Visa, and zipMoney. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation, we will pack your order and ship it to the address provided.

You no longer have to bake like a potato in your home. Order a new air conditioning unit today!

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10L Evaporative Cooler

10L Evaporative Cooler

In Stock

$286.00 $440.00

Shinco Sad-2401 Air Purifier

Shinco Sad-2401 Air Purifier

In Stock


Shinco Sdz-10L Dehumidifier

Shinco Sdz-10L Dehumidifier

In Stock

$221.00 $270.00

Smart Wi-Fi Cube Dehumidifier, 12L Tank, 20L/Day Capacity

Smart Wi-Fi Cube Dehumidifier, 12L Tank, 20L/Day C

In Stock

$518.70 $850.90

Window Air Conditioner 2.7Kw

Window Air Conditioner 2.7Kw

Sold Out

$648.44 $1,107.95

Out Of Stock