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Are you looking to get your own device to test your blood alcohol level? An alternative way to test for alcohol or drug is the Afterpay breathalyser. This device has a small airtight container that allows the user to breath into it. Once it has been set to record the percentage of alcohol or other drugs present in the blood, it will then send an alarm to a telephone number that can be programmed to ring off if a reading falls within a certain limit.

The majority of the commercial breathalysers are designed for ease of use. It is a small instrument that fits within the palm of your hand and works by measuring the air expelled from the container.

There are also portable breathalysers which can be attached to a key chain, which makes it convenient to use when needed and allows the user to take the person's breath test with them when they leave the house.

The best thing about a breathalyser is that you can easily buy it from any store and set it up at home if you don't have a meter. Many people that prefer to purchase online purchase breathalysers for personal use. Most people will prefer to buy online because it can be as easy as checking a box and pay online.

If you want to take a breathalyser for a test drive, you can buy one here at EXTG. Many people prefer to use a breathalyser to protect themselves, friends, and other people from being intoxicated. This is the advantage of having one for yourself because it will always alert you if you are over the legal limit.

Browse below and test out your alcohol level with our product. Once you have your item, you can pay through Afterpay, zipPay or through Oxipay for greater deals, happy shopping!