Last minute Christmas gifts for kids under $100

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 14 December 2018 

Looking for Christmas gifts for kids under $100 but still want to give them a thoughtful and original gift, then you've come to the right place. With the EXTG experience, you'll take your gift giving to the next level and leave your visitors smiling all day long.

From sports equipment to bedroom décor, we have presents for kids of all ages. In an attempt to make it easier for you this Christmas season, here at EXTG we've searched far and wide to find the most desirable Christmas presents for kids in 2018! These Christmas toys have been hand-picked - you're guaranteed to find a cracker of a Christmas gift in this wondrous selection for children!  Read on to find out more.

Gifts for kids aged 1 - 5

This is a tricky age because it is not only about the present and how much fun the kids will have but also how safe it is. At this age kids are able to unwittingly ingest small pieces or even the wrong paint or assemble could spell bad news. So it is advised to only trust established online platforms when buying these presents as you do not want to put your child’s safety in amateur hands.

These years are the most important in cultivating and stimulating their brains, so toys like chunky animal alphabet blocks, multipurpose cubes that have different games on each face, kitchen and tea sets all teach important skills to ensure the stimulation of your child's development. Fishing sets and fairy wings go a long way to make them feel special as well.

Gifts for kids aged 6-9

Safety is paramount in this age and throughout all ages but your attention must always be on durability. Our kids tend to desecrate toys in a number of creative ways and we have to ensure that when they lay destruction, due to their curiosity, the toy does not inadvertently hurt them.

Who doesn’t love a little bowling set, with these interactively colourful animal bowling pins you can now prep your kid to join the family bowling team when they are able to carry their own bowling balls. Until then let them perfect their skills.

This is the age to cultivate skills so for any interest they show in a certain avenue, try to facilitate it. For the little talented musical genius in your house, perhaps a maraca or a keyboard. You will thank us when they start pulling in platinum records. Moreover, if they like to bedazzle, sparkle, and glow - get them these bedazzling kits.

For aspiring Picassos, we recommend this finger painting set and trust us, this game will get you wanting to be rolling around in paint as well.

Gifts for kids aged 9+

We are not going to lie - this is the hardest group because at this age they know what they like and they know what they don’t and if you haven't gauged what they really want it is going to be a bit of a task. Thankfully this is the time when they are exploring new friend groups so why don’t you buy them a gift they can share and play with all of their friends. From board games, croquet sets, snorkeling sets , jenga or even a or an easel.

Moreover, why don’t you equip them with a ukelele, guitar  or even a violin to bring out the future prodigy in them? Just figure out what your little one wants and we are pretty sure we have it in our stocks.

Key takeaways

We put in the effort to add that extra air of magic and festivity for the little ones - their gifts need to adopt the same approach. If you are catering to a mini music lover, try a lovely little musical instrument, a car-obsessed cutie or how about a little vehicle they can drive around the garden?  You can even buy one big present for all the little ones and invest in a sturdy trampoline, a blowup pool or even a big chalkboard.

The ideas are endless and instead of making your way to a shop and finding out that they don’t have the item you want in stock, just go ahead and order online where you are spoilt for choice and your budget can be adhered to. With the advent of convenient payment options like Afterpay, zipPay, and zipMoney, you are able to get all that your kid desires this season and pay later.

For more information on amazing gifts for kids within your budget, visit our store.


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