Trending tips to glam up your home with Christmas decorations on sale

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Here's the chance to set up a festive holiday mood throughout your house with our simple Christmas decorating idea guide. Every room can use a Christmas touch and we cover all your indoor spaces with our classic Christmas inspiration. Whether you have a traditional home or prefer a more contemporary Christmas look in your living room, kitchen, and entry, our Christmas decorations on sale will inspire you.

Get every inch of your house into the holiday spirit with these creative ways to deck the halls. Whether you prefer traditional decor or something a bit more out there, we guarantee you'll find something on this list. When you're ready to trim your tree, we've got you covered.

Behold our three tips to glam up your home with our Christmas decorations on sale.

Layer, layer and layer your Christmas tree
Decorating a tree is a time-honoured Christmas tradition enjoyed by families but no more do you have to drag your family to a lumber yard to pick out the tree this year. Instead, this year, why don’t you whip up a hot cocoa and go online and peruse through the options - pick the tree of your dreams that will be delivered to your doorstep.

The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the lights. Tree lights typically come in white or soft yellow wire strands; choose the colour that matches your tree so the wire will be hidden. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, wrapping lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.  

This should be followed by hanging a few ornaments - don’t constrain yourself to the mainstream ornaments. Be sure to add a bit of nostalgia to the tree by hanging your favourite childhood teddy bear or even your kids’ first drawings.

Layer it up with all that your Christmas spirit can muster because the tree is the anchor to all your Christmas decorations.

Garland goals and all things inflatable

For many people, putting up the Christmas decorations is one of the most exciting parts of the whole festive period, as your home is temporarily transformed into a winter wonderland or festive forest. One of the central aspects of Christmas decorating – aside from the tree – is a wreath or garland, which can add a vibrant, natural and beautiful dimension to your home.

Find a garland that fits the aesthetic and once your purchase it, nothing is stopping you from upgrading it with a personal touch to really make it feel like home. Purchasing a winter snow wreath and adding a punch of colour with a red ribbon may be exactly what your front door may need.

Speaking of adding a pop of colour, do not forget about the festive Christmas inflatable decor that could give that added Christmas spirit with a jolly Santa and a loyal Rudolph to grace the scene. Maybe even go all out and get an inflatable archway if you want to showcase all the Christmas spirit but don’t have time to personally and cut out handmade decorations to fit the bill.

Light it up

From your bannisters to your entrance, it's nothing a little line of lights can’t fix. This year say bye bye to just the usual lights streaming down. Instead, invest in the plethora of magical lights that are shaped in your favourite Christmas icons, from reindeers to mistletoe and snow flakes.

Maybe even add a curtain of lights to the entrance of your dining room - adding a magical twinkling Christmas vibe for all your ravenous guests.

Moreover, let’s not just wrap lights lazily over bannisters - get creative. Carefully place Jesus, Mary, and Joeseph - but instead of clay figurines in a bale of hay what about in LED? Yes! Cut yourself above the rest and purchase these trendy new LED Christmas motifs.

Deck your halls with our Christmas decorations on sale

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