Picnic supplies you can’t do without!

Author: Stan Peter   Date Posted: 10 April 2019 

Taking your meals from the kitchen to the park, picnics are always a challenging yet fun outing! It could be for a romantic date, a family get together or to spend quality time with your friends. The challenge of an al fresco is that you will not have the luxury of reaching into your kitchen cupboard whenever necessary. That is why preparing and organising prior to the outing are extremely important, when it comes to a picnic.

In our blog this week, we’ve put together a list of picnic supplies that are essential for you. Keep reading to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for an easy breezy time in the open!


Picnic basket

This item is hard to miss but we’re including it in our list of supplies because there are quite a few features to look into before you purchase a basket for yourself.

Whether you want to settle for a simple classic basket or a sophisticated modern one, keep in mind a picnic basket should meet the size requirement you please. Especially if you’re on a family vacation, a compact basket would compromise the amount of food you’d like to take, and the utensils you’ll need. In situations like these, multi-purpose baskets, which include separate departments to place plates, knives, spoons and food items become ideal. A basket with a built-in cooler bag such as the Alfresco Wicker Picnic Basket, which also contains most of the essential supplies are perfect for families!

However, if you’re planning on hiking, the type of container that would serve you best is a backpack-style picnic carrier; and for those on a romantic getaway, a traditional picnic hamper is sure to be charming.



Although many popular picnic locations have benches and tables, if you fancy laying on the floor, a blanket is a must-have. It allows you to comfortably stretch and spread out the contents in your basket.

If you can’t find the classic red and white checkered blanket, any cloth would do. A table cloth, flat bedsheet or even an old comforter will be just as fine. Certain blankets that are made especially for the outdoors contain waterproof features. Such materials are ideal to stay dry on damp grass or sand.


Bottle opener

That quality time you’ve been eagerly waiting to spend with your family or significant other could turn topsy-turvy if you forget to take those minute yet essential items like a corkscrew or bottle opener! If you’ve taken along a bottle of wine, some beer or any other beverage that requires an opener, remember not to forget an opener!


Napkins, paper towels or wipes

Out of the luxuries of your home, you are bound to get a little dirty. A few stains are a possibility too. Therefore, make sure to take napkins, paper towels, wipes or any material that could get food substances off of you and wipe your hands. It will come in handy when you have to clean up before packing your picnic. Wet towelettes to freshen you on a hot day will be an absolute saving grace too!


Key takeaways on picnic supplies

Picnics are a fun way to connect with your loved ones as well as nature. To best enjoy this experience you must ensure you are feeling as comfortable as you would at home. For this reason, taking a minute to prepare, organise and make a note of the essential supplies needed for the outing is a must. Be sure to take a basket that fits your personal needs, depending on the location and type of picnic you’d be on. Take along a blanket, wipes, plates, cups and bottle openers to bask in the wonders of the outdoors carefree.

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