How to Buy the Ideal Stroller For Your Child

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 30 April 2019 

Often times having a vast array of options makes the task of purchasing an item a time-consuming one. Similarly, given that there are multiple models of strollers in the market today, to fit any given situation - from jogging to travelling - picking the best one for your baby can be just as difficult.


Adding to that is the fact that safety must come first when choosing an item for your child. Moreover, looking into storing functions and special features are equally as important. We know that this is a lot to keep in mind. That is why in our blog this week we dive into the topic of how to buy the ideal stroller for your child.




A stroller for your child is an essential item to be geared with. However, choosing the correct type of stroller is a big decision. Nevertheless, if you’re mindful of the type of situation in which you are most likely to use one you could easily select what’s right for your child. Are you looking to take your child with you on your daily jogs? Or to the weekend market? A walk to the beach? Or are you planning to travel abroad?


If you’re in search of a stroller for day-to-day use an all-purpose stroller is ideal for you. Typically they are solid strollers that entail features such as cupholders and storage baskets. On the other hand, lightweight strollers are easy to carry and move - thereby making packing and unpacking from a vehicle much easier.


Jogging strollers are the sturdy ones with suspension systems that smoothen bumpy rides. Usually, they have three wheels with the front wheel being able to quickly turn or be stable during fast speeds. Most often they feature handbrakes as well.


Double strollers for twins and travel systems that come with car seats are other types of strollers to keep in mind.




One of, if not, the most important quality to look for when you purchase a kid’s item is its safety. As such, making sure that the stroller you pick covers the basic safety requirements is essential. Make sure there are safety belts that a child couldn’t easily unstrap. Furthermore, be sure of its sturdiness. Look for a stroller with a legitimate breaking system. Look for sharp edges on the frame and make sure your child’s fingers and toes cannot get stuck in them.


Storage and weight


Storage matters both in terms of your personal convenience and ease of packing. As mentioned before, certain strollers have cup holders, pockets to store other items and baskets to store essentials such as diapers. In terms of packing, lightweight flexible strollers are ideal to accommodate into a vehicle.


However, the heavier a stroller is the more durable it becomes; although storing such strollers can be comparatively more difficult. Therefore it is important to be aware of your lifestyle and know what works best for you.




Finally, make a budget. Compare prices between your shortlisted options and purchase what fits within your capacity. First-time parents are oftentimes shocked by how much strollers cost because high-end strollers could cost up to $800 or more. However, another option you could try is to add it into your baby registry.


Key takeaways on how to buy the ideal stroller


A parent’s first and natural instinct is to worry about the child’s comfort and safety. As such, choosing a stroller that is safe, comfortable, longlasting and affordable sounds like a hefty task. However, by shopping with us at Exclusive Trading Group and also by keeping in mind the facts discussed in our blog, such as to research on the type of model that best fits into your lifestyle, make a budget and be mindful of its weight, functions and special features, you will surely find shopping for a stroller to be an enjoyable and exciting experience.


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