Enjoy this Easter with the right barbecue appliances!

Author: Stan Peter   Date Posted: 3 April 2019 






Easter is a time of celebration when families get together to revel in good food and laughter; most often it is celebrated over a barbecue feast. Prepping, grilling and cooking out in the open requires appliances that are convenient to use. Therefore, in our blog this week we have narrowed down some of the essential appliances you will need for an enjoyable barbecue experience.



It is absolutely crucial to invest in a grill that meets your needs, given that it is the main component of a barbecue. Consider ease of use, how many people you will be cooking for, as well as the flavour you desire.

While being less costly, charcoal grills incorporate a unique smokey flavour into the food. However, gas grills are easier to light, clean and also cook faster, thereby allowing the user to cook a larger quantity. Further, take into consideration the area you will be cooking in; as this will help you determine the size of the grill you require for the celebration.


Long-handled accessories

The correct accessories will ensure a job-well-done! As for the tools you must use during a barbecue, always opt for long-handled accessories. Why? Long-handled utensils will keep you as far away from the grill as possible, thereby preventing burns. Moreover, they will allow you to tend to your food without having to withstand the heat the grill exudes.

Equip yourself with long-handled tongs to eliminate the risks of your meat being pierced by forks and losing its moisture. Silicone or metal spatulas to flip burgers and slip under delicate meats seamlessly are just as important as basting brushes with silicone bristles to apply sauces and other flavourings.


Chimney starter

This is an essential component for those using charcoal barbecues. Taking into account the fact that charcoal grills take a longer time to light-up - comparatively to gas grills - chimney starters are what speeds the process for a charcoal grill to reach its optimum cooking temperature. Say goodbye to lighter fluid and keep your guests hungry, but keep in mind to ensure adequate ventilation for maximum performance!



The risk of cooking meat on a barbecue is that it could burn the outside and not cook the inside all the way through. Not only is this unpleasant for some, but uncooked meat could carry deadly bacteria. Therefore, a meat thermometer is critical to know if your meat is cooked the way you prefer before taking it off the fire.



Fuel is the make-or-break factor of a barbecue. Without it, you wouldn’t have a barbecue to begin with!

Equip yourself with a canister of propane if you’re using a gas grill and charcoal briquettes as well as lighter fluid for a charcoal barbecue.

Grill brush

Owning the correct appliances are vital when it comes to cleaning the grill as well. That is why extra attention should be given to choosing appliances that do not damage the grill. Suitable utensils will prolong its longevity and improve the flavour of your food. Brass-bristled brushes are ideal for stainless steel grills, given that they protect the surface from being scratched.

A tough wire brush for a cast iron grill is perfect to give the vigorous cleaning it needs. Note that it’s best to clean your grates while it’s still warm to get rid of residue and burnt food.


Key takeaways on barbecue appliances

The appliances you choose for your barbecue must be quality-controlled, convenient tools that enhance your experience. When Easter comes around bringing together all family members, it is even more important to be sure of the safety of the appliances you use. Tools that help you cook larger quantities faster are ideal for family gatherings as such.

Moreover, being mindful of your space and your needs will further simplify the process. Shop with us at Exclusive Trading Group  and be able to purchase your barbecue gear right away! Thanks to Afterpay, ZipPay and ZipMoney you can pay for your purchased items in instalments!


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