Mother’s day gifts you can buy now and pay later

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If there’s something we know for sure, it’s that moms deserve the best of everything! The flipside is that this makes the task of buying the perfect mother’s day gift all the more difficult. Adding to it is the fact that most “perfect gifts” tend to go over budget, and you’re left wondering if you will find the right gift in time for mother’s day.


The stress that comes along with picking the perfect gift can be overwhelming, but fear not, we’re here to put a stopto endless hours of Google searching with our list of the most ideal gifts for your mom. Spoil your mother with something that is worthwhile and useful. A mother’s day gift she could treasure forever.


Leather handbag


A material that is durable and classy, leather has been a fan-favourite for decades! Leather handbags feature some of the most precise craftsmanship, which is sure to leave your mom awe-struck! Moreover, leather handbags are water-resistant and contain anti-fungal properties, which means that it is less likely to develop mould and spilled substances on the material could be wiped off with little to no damage. It is a quality investment and a sustainable choice given that no synthetic chemicals are needed to treat it. Although leather is known to be on the pricey side, by shopping with us, you could enjoy the benefits of paying in instalments!


Aroma diffusers


Aroma diffusers make a simple, yet thoughtful gift. Not only are their abilities confined to perfuming your surroundings but the aromas are also pleasing to the senses. Enjoyable, subtle notes of fragrances help reduce stress, relieve congestion, boost energy and helps users fall asleep much easier. In fact, aroma diffusers can be considered a type of aromatherapy, which helps you overcome mental fatigue as well. As such, aroma diffusers are a perfect mother’s day gift to jot down on your list of options. Be sure to make the gift more exciting by adding in different varieties of oils.


Makeup mirror


If your mom is anything like mine, you’d see her squinting at the mirror trying to perfect that liner as if it’s a matter of life or death. A makeup mirror with fixed lighting is another ideal mother’s day gift that will surely add value to their daily routines. To perfect the intricate eyeliner or blend in the foundation and blush, a makeup mirror will be a treasured gift. Not only would it make her daily routine more convenient, but it would also go to show that your mother’s day gift is backed by careful thought and consideration.


Wine glasses


For a lady who loves her wine, a set of wine glasses is the perfect gift. Owning a pair of finely cut, sleek glasses will be her point of pride at all occasions. Be sure to pick a set with sturdy stems given that a wine glass should be held from its stem, so as to not transfer your hands' heat onto the wine. Further, a glass with an increased surface, which allows the user to swirl and release the wine’s aromas will make it an even better gift.




A gift of comfort, bedding includes sheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, duvets and more. A perfect way to say you love and care for them, bedding items are always a winner. Not only will they come in handy for personal use, but as many families have a tradition of hosting relatives and guests, a unique duvet for the guest room would definitely make your mom happy.


Blankets to keep her crisp during cold nights and comfortable during warm nights will surely be appreciated. If you’ve got trouble choosing the perfect pillow or are left pondering the importance of a mattress topper, read our blogs on these products, here.


Key takeaways on mother’s day gifts


Choosing the perfect gift may seem like a hefty task, however, planning prior is key to less stress and a pleasant shopping experience. The gifting options mentioned in our blog are items you could purchase instantly and pay later, thanks to Afterpay, ZipPay and ZipMoney. Shop with us at Exclusive Trading Group and be able to get your hands on the best mother’s day gifts!


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