How to Choose The Best Kids’ Tables and Chairs

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 29 August 2018 




When it comes to giving your kids the bedrooms of their dreams, furniture such as kids’ tables and chairs play an important role. More than just mere room decoration, these also serve a practical purpose, allowing your little one to color, do their homework, or discover the world’s next greatest invention.

Here, regardless of whether you want to go all out with a dinosaur, superhero, or baby genius theme, certain factors need to be kept in mind when choosing kids furniture.

By taking into consideration such as spacing, size, safety, and more, check out our blog this week on how to choose the best kids’ tables and chairs!



When it comes to kids’ tables and chairs, selecting furniture with the right height is crucial for comfortable seating and good posture. The smallest chair sizes are usually fit for children between the ages of 2-3, while large seats are more for children up to ages 8 through 10.

Here, the best way to determine the right height is to ask your child to sit on the chair and see if his/her knees are bent at a 90-degree angle with their feet flat on the floor. The chair top should measure something equal to the distance from your child’s knees to the bottom of their heels (while seated).


In this regard, it’s also essential that the corresponding table is the right height as well. Here, there should be around 8 inches between the chair seat and the top of the table. For children in wheelchairs, this principle is still applicable, although make sure the arms of the chair fit underneath the table.



Needless to say, the spacing is another factor that needs to be considered when choosing kids’ tables and chairs.

In this regard, make sure that even with this furniture in place, your little one has plenty of room to move around. Before you purchase your items, taking measurements of the space you plan on putting these in is a good idea.

Thereafter, choosing the right tables and chairs is made so much easier, given that you know what size these need to be.



In order to keep your children happy and decorate their room with furniture they love, make sure to choose kids’ tables and chairs that suit their style and preferences. So, if your kids like pirate-themed or jungle book-worthy furniture, go all out!

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, select a few options and present it to them for final selection.


Safety and durability

Another key factor when it comes to kids’ tables and chairs is safety and durability.

Here, make sure the products you choose possess a sturdy nature and don’t appear to be light and flimsy. In this process, checking for the finish is also important as it speaks volumes about craftsmanship and the overall quality of the product chosen. Again, check for splinters or any other rough patches of wood that can harm your child inadvertently.

Durability is also important to look into, given that you don’t want your kids’ tables and chairs breaking or damaging after only a few months of use. In this process, make note that smooth varnished surfaces are very easy to clean, making for a hassle and tantrum-free cleanup when inevitable messes occur.


Key takeaways

Choosing the best kids’ tables and chairs don’t have to be difficult.

By paying attention to relevant factors, such as those set out above, making the right choices is a walk in the park. In this process, selecting sellers with a stellar reputation and those with buy now pay later schemes will only cut down on hassle and dispel worries regarding low-quality goods.


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