Heater safety: dos and don’ts

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 14 May 2019 





















As chilly autumn evenings beckon, many homeowners are either taking heaters out of storage or planning to purchase brand new ones. There’s a good reason for this; heaters help you stay warm and also provide many health benefits.


As much as they are ideal to stay warm and crisp during chilly days, homeowners need to be aware of how to maintain them and stay safe while using them. For this reason, our blog this week discusses a few dos and don’ts relating to heaters. Keep reading to find out what they are.




Purchase a heater that is suitable for the size of your room


A heater that is too large for a compact room could result in overheating the space, making the user uncomfortable and worse - sick. Therefore, it is important to buy a heater that is ideal for the room in which you are most likely to use it in. Similarly, a small heater for a spacious room might not provide enough energy.


It is also important to be mindful about how many windows and openings there are in the room. A room with many windows requires more energy so as not to let heat escape, leaving the room cold.


Be mindful of kids and pets


Place the heater on a stable surface away from the reach of kids and pets. Teach your kids not to touch the grills or change the temperature. As for energetic pets, make sure to place the heater on a high surface to ensure they won’t run into it or topple it over.


If you own a portable heater with wheels, make sure it is placed on an even surface to prevent it from rolling away.


Clean and maintain


Often times heaters are placed on the floor. This results in dust, dirt and hair easily being collected in it. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean your heater frequently. If you fail to do so, the collected dirt could eventually burn and cause a fire hazard.


When cleaning your heater, make sure it is switched off and completely cooled down.


Keep away from inflammable objects


Bear in mind the fundamental function of a heater is to exude heat. As such, it is extremely important to keep it at least three feet away from inflammable objects in the room. Turn your heaters away from furniture, curtains and other similar materials. To help circulate the heat, you can turn the fan on low.




Don’t sleep with the heater on


It’s easy to forget to turn the heater off once you’re in a deep sleep. Therefore make sure to switch it off before heading to bed. Not only does it ensure your safety but also saves money on your electricity bill.


Prevent damp interactions


Make sure your hands are dry when handling a heater. Touching a heater with wet hands could cause burns and damage the appliance. Moreover, keep it away from wet or damp areas. When in contact with water, it could shock you in the worst ways.


Care for the cord

Be sure not to use an extension cord. The heater shouldn’t be far from the power socket to prevent the risk of someone tripping and toppling the appliance over. Moreover, make sure the cord isn’t torn or worn out.

Key takeaways on heater safety


Caring for your heater the right way is absolutely essential to prevent harm to you and those around you. As such, keeping in mind the above-mentioned dos and don’ts are vital. Be sure to keep it away from inflammable objects such as clothes. Furthermore, avoid using damaged cords and leave it away from the reach of kids. Always remember to switch it off before heading to bed.

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