Buying your family affordable Christmas Gifts with Afterpay

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 5 December 2018 

Buying your family affordable Christmas Gifts with Afterpay


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year *breaks into song*. While we know that the real meaning of this holiday season has little to do with all the decorations, tree trimming, and shopping, it’s nice to be able to give a gift to those we love. As much as we love giving gifts, sometimes finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a bit challenging, which is one reason why online holiday shopping has become so popular. With just a few clicks you can easily compare prices, find bargains, choose your gifts with Afterpay, set up home delivery - all while relaxing at home in your PJ’s.

Welcome to EXTG’s guide to affordable Christmas gifts with Afterpay for the Christmas shopper. Below we have a few ideas you can use to put a smile on the face of your beloved family members this Christmas. Be it for your grandma or your grand niece, we have a plethora of grand ideas for you to take into account this Christmas.

For the little ones, purchase a lot of little Christmas gifts with Afterpay

We put in the effort to add that extra air of magic and festivity for the little ones - their gifts need to adopt the same approach. If you are catering to a mini music lover, try a lovely little musical instrumentGot a car-obsessed cutie? How about a little vehicle they can drive around the garden. You can even buy one big present for all the little ones and invest in a sturdy trampoline, a blowup pool or even a big chalkboard to start planning their lemonade stand crusade. The ideas are endless and instead of making your way to a shop and finding that they don’t have it in stock, just go ahead and order online where you are spoilt for choice and your budget can be adhered to.

It's time for mum and dad to go from the gifters to the gifted

For the people who have been patiently giving the best presents since their kids were in diapers, well now it's payback time. Thanks to being able to purchase Christmas gifts with Afterpay, you don’t even have to worry about breaking your bank. Simply go all out and buy your mother that statement piece of furniture she has been eyeing for a while, that outdoor patio set - just click and buy.

Get your old man a fancy new set of golf clubs or even a swanky new tool box. The best part is you can buy all of this now and pay for it later with no interest on certain online platforms. Don’t stress, just find the best for your parents.

Even your annoying sibling deserves gifts

Your older sister may be a bit hard to please, however, a wine rack could hit the spot or even a spa day. After all, they definitely must be tired from all that bullying they did to you when you were kids.

There is nothing online platforms cannot offer you for your siblings from phones to phone accessories. Maybe even a punching bag or a tent. You know your siblings more than we do, we just want to offer you the most convenient method to get it all in one place.

Grand ideas for your grandparents

These sweet old souls deserve so much from us so why don’t you buy your grandparents matching leather recliner chairs to relax in the evening and watch their favourite shows. Even some gardening tools will be appreciated - something to cater to their green thumb. If your grandparent's vibes do not fit this bill then don’t fret because you can browse through the tons of pages to find what you think they would like. Brought up in the Woodstock festival era, maybe paraphernalia from that time would kick some nostalgic goodness into their hearts.

For the ones you call family

These include your best friend of ten years, your dog, cat or other animals that have stolen your heart and even your neighbours who have helped you mow your lawn plenty of times.

It’s always good to personalise the gift and give them something that resonates with their tastes and character, even gag gifts would do. Scratching posts in castle-like structures for Mr. Kitty and maybe a bow and a comfy new bed for your good boy would make tremendous Christmas gifts you could dish out this year.

Key takeaways

With online platforms offering convenient payment options like Afterpay, you don't have to worry about strictly sticking to your budget.

For more information on gifts for your loved ones, visit EXTG.



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