Buying Sofa Beds for Small Spaces

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 8 August 2018 



When it comes to compact living, multipurpose furniture such as sofa beds are a hit among renters and homeowners.

This is especially true given the growing trend towards smaller living spaces. Despite this, however, our requirements of comfort and functionality often surpass the size of our homes. Equipping your living space with all-in-one furniture is, therefore, the perfect way to guarantee more with less.

If you’re looking for ways to make the most of limited space and refuse to settle for anything short of plush high-quality furniture, keep reading for tips on buying sofa beds for small living spaces!


Types of sofa beds

Beyond its existing purpose as both a bed and classic piece of furniture, sofa beds are created in two primary styles, giving buyers the greatest of options. Here, either pull-out or fold-out models are available.

Pull-out sofas are commonly used for futon styles, allowing users to lift the seat and create a comfortable surface for sleeping when pulled down.

Fold-out furniture, on the other hand, allows for a mattress to unfold from beneath the sofa cushions. Here, the mattress comprises a thick and comfortable padding, allowing your guests to rest comfortably throughout the night.


Sofa bed sizing

When it comes to buying sofa beds for small spaces, sizing is everything. In this regard, one of the first few things to consider is what your requirements are and where your multipurpose couch is going to be placed.

Whether you’re trying to remodel your den to function as a guest bedroom or create more sleeping space in your living room, figuring out how many people you’re trying to accommodate and whether you will use your sofa bed as an everyday sofa are factors you need to consider.

If you’re rather limited on space, try making your new sofa bed the centerpiece in your living room. This will not only allow you to purchase luxurious four-seaters without any guilt but also give your guests plush comfort as they turn your living room into a comfortable place to sleep.


The quality of your furniture

If you’re opting for a sofa bed, quality also needs to be a decisive factor. After all, if you’re opting for a multipurpose couch, it’s only likely that this will serve a variety of purposes in your home.

Thus, whether it functions as a de facto workstation, impromptu bed for your guests, or a life-sized sofa for a movie night gathering, only a high-quality piece of furniture can withstand the test of time and the limits of your imagination.

This is also important if you plan on sleeping on your sofa bed frequently. Getting a good night’s rest and quality napping is something you’re certainly entitled to. Given the effect sleep has on your overall wellbeing and mood, purchasing a bed that promises support and comfort is absolutely crucial.

In this regard, looking into the quality and material of the mattress, its weight distribution, and pressure points, are all factors you must consider when you select a sofa bed for your home. Certain manufacturers even use luxurious material such as linen to enhance comfort for you and your guest!


Enhance your utility

When it comes to sofa beds, having an elegant and stylish piece of furniture and a comfortable pull-out mattress isn’t all you can expect.

Modern designs now come with an added storage function, where you can stash your secret midnight snacks or bedside reads with ease and convenience! Not only does this added feature reduce any clutter in your home and increase your overall storage space but also helps you give your guests a place to store their possessions, without turning your home into a ransacked motel.

If you’re thinking of investing in a sofa bed, therefore, make sure you get the most for your money by opting for inbuilt storage facilities as well.


Choose the best sofa beds for your home!

Having a small space does not mean you need to compromise on companionship, joy, and comfort.

With elegant and well-designed sofa beds, entertain your family and friends without worrying about an uncomfortable living and sleeping environment. Many modern designs come with storage areas, giving you not just the chance to create more space in your home but to host your loved ones comfortably, without losing sleep.

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