Benefits of early Christmas shopping online

Author: John Smith   Date Posted: 17 October 2018 

Packed into over-lit chain superstores, sandwiched between bedraggled, broke and depressed shoppers. Dragging your poor child, kicking and screaming through miles and miles of legs, cold, tired, and hungry. You curse the holidays under your breath, and yourself, for leaving your shopping until so late. Again.


Well, before you get your tinsel in a tangle and embark on this horrendous journey, you should consider that there are legitimate benefits of early Christmas shopping online.

First and foremost, people make better decisions when they are not in a rush. Even just adding one second, or less, to the time you take when considering a purchase can help improve the decisions you make. Finding the perfect gift can also be tricky so extra time ensures that you stay focused. This can be the difference between a good and a bad gift.


Read on to be regaled by the many benefits of early Christmas shopping online and see if you will be heading to the District docklands or to your desktop.


Shopping online makes everything just easier - Desktop to your Doorstep

Possibly one of the best benefits of online shopping is that you don’t have to wait in the horrendous lines to pay for your items. Besides being able to shop from home in your pajamas, you no longer need to set aside time to get to the mall. All you need is a laptop, iPad or phone.


Not to mention, when you shop online, a store is always open! Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now have those items in your shopping cart hand-delivered to your doorstep. Most of the time this is free and traceable.


The ability to make a budget and monitor overspending

The cost of Christmas can climb into the hundreds, or even thousands, and as we all know, that can mean a serious hit to your finances. One of the biggest culprits for overspending is not starting off with a budget. If you're already thinking about your shopping list, you have the advantage of planning ahead and setting a spending cap.


A major advantage of early shopping is spacing out your spending. You may want to pick up your specific items now, then hit the stores or the web to take advantage of serious discounts and deals. No one wants to transition out of the holiday season to a pile of debt, so do what you can now to avoid that.

Great deals and promotions - the early bird catches the worm

Black Friday and Boxing Day deals are no longer just for stores…hello, Cyber Monday! Keep an eye on your favourite stores to get the best deals that allow you to buy even more gifts, or better yet – a gift for yourself! If you're worried about missing out on those "doorbuster" prices, don't worry.


All you need to do is log online during "Deals Week" or steal away a few minutes on your mobile phone on Thanksgiving - you can still find great sales. Each year, the holiday season starts a little earlier and gets a little easier. In fact, some leading stores and online platforms have introduced useful payment plans like, “Pay it off before Christmas with Afterpay’’, where you are given the ability to buy now and pay  for the product you purchased online only once Santa comes sliding down your chimney.


Lower shipping costs

Shopping earlier also means that you don't have to pay for rush shipping. You might even be able to ship for free; check your favourite coupon website for coupon codes, or run a general search on the retailer name and the words, "free shipping". Shop in bulk at fewer retailers in order to meet their minimum requirement for free shipping or get it shipped to the store and pick it up for free.

One of the best benefits of early Christmas shopping online

Imagine a Christmas where all your presents are wrapped and under the tree a week before the actual day – a dream, we know. But it can be a reality for those who start their Christmas shopping early. Focus your energy on more important things like friends and family.


This year, experts predict more holiday shopping will take place online than in stores, so be sure to get with the times and not waste your time. For more information on the benefits of early Christmas shopping online visit EXTG.


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